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As many of you may know, fighting stick games have become more and more popular amongst flash games, they became one on of the most played genres of flash games. Let's face it, everybody needs a break, and what other way to spend your time if not by playing some flash games, these games have improved a lot over the years. Not only they are a great source of entertainment and recreation, but they have become so complex and challenging that you'll testing your different skills at the same time. Whether you're at work, at school, or maybe you're at home and got tired with your activity, these small games will be perfect for your small recreational break, they can be played directly in browser so you don't have to waste time on downloading anything, also avoiding the dangers of infecting your computer by downloading potential virused files. By not wasting a lot of resources on graphics, the developers of stick games could focus on gameplay, quality of fights and how well things are tied together, battles are really well animated and fast paced. A good example of a game with the features presented above is Stick Fighter. It is a well built and complex flash game, a very close copy of the famous fighting arcade games, Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. If you feel like playing an even harder and faster paced fighting game, you should definetly try Combat Tournament and its sequel, you will not regret this.