Spider Stickman 2

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LMB – Shoot Spider Web Rope

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Spider Stickman 2

Spider Stickman 2 presents the return of our beloved superhero, the spider stick and his amazing powers to swing across obstacles with his web.
This time, the action takes place in the city, where moving obstacles will make it harder for you to move forward faster then the sliding screen. You can grab onto every object you meet in the game, starting from the street, to cars and helicopters.
Your goal is to swing across buildings, helicopters, cars and other objects to get as far as you can without falling or getting blocked in a place. This is by far not as easy as it sounds, aiming at the right time and place will prove to be difficult, especially since the web you shoot has a limited length.
Spider Stickman 2 gets more challenging as you advance further, meaning that the game has no specific end, it only ends when you fall, meaning there is no way to actually win the game. Even so, you will find the game entertaining, challenging and pretty addictive, once started you'll continously want to break your old record.
After you'll be satisfied with your current score, make sure to check the other Spider Stickman games from the series, they are really fun to play.

How to play:

LMB – Shoot Spider Web Rope

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