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Spider Stickman 4

Spider Stickman 4Spider Stickman 4 present our famous stick figure hero and its newest journeys in the land of Little Red Riding Hood. After its prequel where he proved why he's better than Flappy Bird, Spider Stickman is now on its way to help and protect Red Riding Hood against the Big Bad Wolf and it's up to you to help him do it. Also, your arch enemy, the sliding screen is following you closely and will get you if you're too slow or get stuck.
Swinging from helicopters, buildings, pipes, is a thing of the past, our superhero is up to something more challenging, like apples, carrots or even simple text, will you be able to do it? Sure, it may sound easy, but the game will prove you wrong, it's actually really difficult and it gets both pretty annoying and addictive after the first attempts.
As its prequels, this game does not have a specific goal and there is no end to it, you simply swing until you fall or get caught by the sliding screen. The only way to find out how good you are at this game is by score, getting a high score will definetly not be easy. Think you can do it? What's your highest score?
Also, if you enjoyed this game, make sure to check its prequels, Spider Stickman 1, 2 and 3, they are as fun as this one.

How to play:

LMB - Shoot Web

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