Combat Tournament Legends

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Arrow Keys - Movement Space - Jump S - Special Atack D - Wall Jump P - Pause Q - Show Scoreboard
Combat Tournament LegendsCombat Tournament LegendsCombat Tournament LegendsCombat Tournament Legends

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Combat Tournament Legends

Combat Tournament LegendsCombat Tournament Legends is the sequel of Combat Tournament, featuring the best of the best characters in the most epic, savage and bloody combats, using their fist, holy ancient weapons or guns, all to determine who the ultimate fighter is.
The game is very entertaing and engaging, it will require your full atention, fights are incredibly fast paced and it's hard to keep up. As its prequel, combat is difficult, yet very entertaining and addictive, you'll get caught into the fights and the goal to become the ultimate champion.
Fights with up to 6 opponents in a single arena are a great addition to the game, they will prove to be very difficult and entertaining. You will be able to unlock and pick new characters, each having their own attacks, combos and specials, or you could pick between the starter characters, Homerun Bat, Mister Slaptactic and Crazy Jay. In addition to its prequels features, Combat Tournament Legends gives you the opportunity to choose between 2 types of gameplay, story or versus mode. To unlock the new levels and characters, you need to finish the game in story mode.
When fighting, remember to use the special attack, it is very effective against single and multiple enemies and it can get you out of a tight situation. Keep in mind that it can only be used when the special bar is full, which gradually charges when fighting your enemies.
If you haven't played it already, we recommend you to try the prequel of this game, it's just as fun and entertaining as Combat Tournament Legends.

How to play:

Arrow Keys - Movement
Space - Jump
S - Special Atack
D - Wall Jump
P - Pause
Q - Show Scoreboard

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