Combat Tournament

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Arrow Keys - Movement Space - Jump S - Special Atack D - Push Yourself Against the Wall
Combat TournamentCombat TournamentCombat TournamentCombat Tournament

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Combat Tournament

Combat TournamentCombat Tournament is an amazing and insane fast paced fighting stick game, pretty much a stick version of Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter. You are guaranteed to have tons of fun playing Combat Tournament.
You start by choosing one of the 3 main characters, Homerun Bat, Mister Slaptactic or Double Range, each having its own moves, combos and special attacks. You might be tempted to think that fights are easy and boring, but this game is incredibly complex, fun and challenging. All characters have many special moves and combos, remember to combine the movement keys with attacks to get powerful combos that deal more damage and will knock out your enemies. You can pause anytime to check the Combo List, this will be very useful in your fights if you want to stand a chance. Even at normal difficulty, your opponents are pretty hard to beat and they will be a real challenge, especially in fights where you're outnumbered.
You will need to complete all levels in order to unlock the special level, Slappy vs Hammy. It is recommended that you start with the tutorial, your enemies will not take you easy, so it's best that you've already mastered the moves before getting into combat. Finishing the game will not be an easy task, each level will put up a real challenge and you might lose a couple of times before managing to win.
The combat is engaging and fun, sticks are fighting at incredibly high speed, moves and combos are perfectly integrated and will probably remember you of figths from the Dragon Ball animated series. You can also use the special attack, a very powerful move unique to each character, especially great against multiple enemies. The only downside of this move is that you can only use it when the special bar is filled and it doesn't fill really easy.
If you like this game, you should also check its sequel, Combat Tournament Legends.

How to play:

Arrow Keys - Movement
Space - Jump
S - Special Atack
D - Wall Jump
P - Pause

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  1. DrewGurneyon says:

    man, you have to add more games... like I've played them all and I'm getting bored now. Add more, don't be lazy!!!
    Other than that, the website is cool, I like it.

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