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A - Attack S - Block D - Use Bomb Z - Use Potion Left / Right - Move Left / Right Double Tap Left / Right - Roll Left / Right Up - Jump Double Tab Up - Double Jump

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Valor is a fun and entertaining stick fighting game, with a great intro and story as well as an amazing gameplay.
First thing you'll notice is the great acting voice of the characters, Valor is a presented as a badass Bro smashing his way though the waves of enemies. The story of the game isn't so complex, giving players the chance to create and imagine a background for the main character. We don't know whether he's a hero or a villain, we don't know what his intentions are or what is the reason why he has so much enemies, it's all up to your imagination.
What we do know for sure is that Valor is on a quest, he has to defeat each an every enemy in order to upgrade his armor and unlock new moves and combos, thus perfectly combining RPG with fighting game elements.
Fighting is entertaining, engaging, designed with beautiful and speedy animations, but the gameplay isn't really that great, there is room for improvemenet when it comes to controlling your moves and techniques.
Overall, fights are engaging and do not become repetitive like many similar other games do, you will meet new kinds of enemies and bosses. Fighting and killing enemies charges your Valor, when the bar is full you can use a special and powerful combo to destroy your enemies. It's especially effective against large numbers of weaker opponents, but it does a good job against bosses too.
Don't forget to pick up food because it heals you, as well as bombs which can get you out of tight situations when you are surrounded by large number of opponets. Pickup and use potions, they'll keep you alive for longer and they're are great asset especially when facing stronger enemies which cannot be killed so easy.
You feel like you are an experienced gamer, go with a higer difficuly mode, such as Hard or Brutal, this will definetly give you a good experience and an entertaining fights. Potato and Easy mode are more suitable for new and unexperienced gamers who are still learning the basics, it's a good choice if you have little experience, but it can be pretty boring for many of you who've been playing games for years.
That being said, Valor is a complete and fun stick fighting game with RPG elements, a decent storyline and great voice acting that can be played by both newbies and experts.

How to play:

A - Attack
S - Block
D - Use Bomb
Z - Use Potion
Left / Right - Move Left / Right
Double Tap Left / Right - Roll Left / Right
Up - Jump
Double Tab Up - Double Jump

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