Champion Archer

Light Switch
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WASD - move archerrnAim - mouse cursorrnLMB - Shoot Arrow (hold down to modify firing strength)
Champion ArcherChampion Archer

Game Details

Champion Archer

This game is succesfully combines RPG and archery features, making it an incredible RPG Shooting Game. You play as an archer in this two-sided war game, your main goal is to help your army win each battle. You earn gold for your kills which can be used between levels to increase your damage, health, improve stats or gain new skills, your picks will much influence your chances on winning the battles. The difficulty increases by every level, your upgrades are sure to make a difference in this game, as well as aiming.

How to play:

WASD - move archer
Aim - mouse cursor
LMB - Shoot Arrow (hold down to modify firing strength)

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