Dawn of the Zombies

Light Switch
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LMB - Shoot Space - Reload 0 - 9 keys - Swtich Weapons Z - Use Cannon
Dawn of the ZombiesDawn of the Zombies

Game Details

Dawn of the Zombies

Dawn of the ZombiesPlay Dawn of the Zombies, a fun tower defense stick game combined with Shooting and RPG features.
You are a citizen of Stickopolis, an infected city which is being invaded by mindless and hungry zombies who are trying to take over the world. It is up to you to stop them, good thing you barricaded yourself on top of a gun store. You start your campaign with a simple gun, but every zombie kill earns you money which you can spend to buy new weapons, upgrades or repair the Gun Shop.
Each wave of zombies is harder to beat than the previous one, some of them also have bosses which will be much harder to kill. Remember to buy new weapons, you will need them if you want to stand a chance against the hoards of mindless zombies. Bombs may be a great addition to your arsenal, especially when you need a quick way to eliminate a lot of zombies that are attacking your barricade.
Unlike regular Tower Defense games, Dawn of the Zombies is also a shooting game, you will have to aim and fire at zombies yourself, making it more difficult and engaging.
So, do you feel ready to save the world from the zombie invasion?

How to play:

LMB - Shoot
Space - Reload
0 - 9 keys - Swtich Weapons
Z - Use Cannon

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