Dry Fire Reloaded

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A - Use Earthquake Spacebar - Use Drone Spikes Z / X / C / V / B - Switch to Red / Yellow / Purple / Green / Blue Aura P - Pause
Dry Fire ReloadedDry Fire ReloadedDry Fire ReloadedDry Fire Reloaded

Game Details

Dry Fire Reloaded

Dry Fire Reloaded is the sequel of Dry Fire, it is a fun and addictive stick shooting defense game with few RPG features.
Overall, it is great and really entertaining, it will keep you busy for a couple of hours at least, especially if you decide to play on one of the higher difficulty levels such as Hard or Brutal. If you're a beginner you should probably start with Potato or Easy difficulty, but the real fun comes with higher levels, even though it may mean you'll have to lose a couple of times. Fortunately, the game allows you to replay the last level for a pretty small fee of ingame money.
Your goal is to defend your cannon from hoards of enemies and bosses. Which level consists of 5 waves of enemies, each being harder to defeat than the previous one, and followed by a big nasty boss. Not only that bosses are hard to defeat, but you will have to deal with regular opponents too.
If it seems difficult now, then you're in for a surprise. Dry Fire Reloaded comes with weapon auras, meaning that you can only hit enemies in a certain aura by switching your weapon to the same aura. You can only hit someone with a red aura while your cannon is also using the red aura. Bad news is that you will have to deal with waves of enemies that keep coming and they will be using randomly one of the 5 auras, meaning you have to be quick when switching between them.
There are good news as well, you can use 2 special one-use attacks to help you especially when overwhelmed: Earthquake and Drone Strikes. They can be found as powerups when fighting or be purchased after finishing a level. After finishing a level you will also have access to upgrading your cannon by purchasing powerups, be smart when choosing them as you won't have money to upgrade all of them.
That being said, Dry Fire reloaded is a great and challenging shooting defense game alongside with few RPG features, making it a complete and entertaining game for all genre lovers and both experienced and inexperienced players.

How to play:

A - Use Earthquake
Spacebar - Use Drone Spikes
Z / X / C / V / B - Switch to Red / Yellow / Purple / Green / Blue Aura
P - Pause

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