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A/D - Left / Right S - Crouch W - Jump Space - Kick P - Pause E - Next Weapon Q - Previous Weapon R - Detonate Mines

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You're now playing wpnFire, an amazing and fun shooting game, a game with no set goal, where you get to use explosives, automatic weapons and many other guns in order to kill anything you may find in your path. The game has no storyline, no quests nor objectives, your sole role is to kill and have a lot of fun.

If this is your first time playing this, we recommend starting with Training to learn the basics of the game. After that, you can choose between several modes (Adventure, Zombie Survival, Knigh Survival, Destruction, Sudden Death Destruction or Nade Dodger mode), each having different charcteristics presented to you in game. Remember to read the description of each mode to comprehend better whan awaits you and what needs to be done.

The game offers plenty of configuring options, you are able to access them anytime in game by pressing the pause key (P) which will allow you to improve the gameplay performance. The game is highly customizable and will allow you to enjoy different gameplays.

If needed, remember to change the controls from the Configure menu tab.

How to play:

A/D - Left / Right

S - Crouch

W - Jump

Space - Kick

P - Pause

E - Next Weapon

Q - Previous Weapon

R - Detonate Mines


  1. PewPewDie says:

    I love this games, please keep the site updated! I'm thinking of starting a YT channel with nothing but me playing fighting stick games, so I'll need more games to play 🙂

  2. Ernesto says:

    Lol, this game is cracking me up... wpnFire is probably the most entertaining game without a quest, I never get tired of bashing their skulls and make holes in their bodies like swiss cheddar.

  3. Kishinfisse says:

    I can't get enough of this game, I play it whenever I have 10 minutes free. Still, it's a bit too difficult for my skills, but I'm getting better and better.

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