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X227X227 is a fun and simple shooting stick game developed by StickPage, one of their first games ever developed.
The game has no specific story, you will have to go in an kill everyone you meet before they kill you. X227's idea is very simple, yet the game is very difficult to finish, not to mention how hard it is to get in the Leaderboard.
One thing this game will remember you is definetly Counter Strike, when killing an enemy with a headshot you will hear that famous sound from old CS 1.6, Half Life and other similar games.
You will not be able to move and free control your character in this game, it basically plays scenes by itself, you will only be in charge of killing and shooting. It doesn't sound like much to do, but it will definetly prove to be a hard challenge.
Remember not to waste to many bullets, they are pretty hard to come by. Better aim for a headshot instead, no bullets wasted, a quick and certain death for the enemies.
Different levels have different available weapons. To unlock new weapons you need to unlock new levels, which can only be done by completing previous levels.
3 levels may not sound like much, but X227 is difficult and chalenging, it might take you quite some time to finish it. So, do you think you have what it takes to complete this game?

How to play:

1,2 - Switch Weapons
Q - Toggle Quality
P - Pause and open Menu Screen

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