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Hapland 2

Hapland 2Hapland 2, the second game in the Hapland series, is an insane strategy puzzle game, very difficult and entertaining. The second game brings much more interactable objects and more complex puzzles, if you thought the first game was hard then you're in for a surprise, you should arm yourself with a lot of patience if you wish to complete the puzzle.
Your main goal is restore the power to the portal by lighting the torches, remember to try not kill people in the process. Take a good look at the symbols engraved on the wall, they represent important hints that will help you finish complete the puzzle. The game gives you no explicit hints, so the engraved symbols will have to do. Also, you can restart the level at anytime, so remember to click every object to see what it does and how it could lead to powering the portal and completing the puzzle.
Hapland 2 is very addictive and entertaining, for those who have the patience, if you enjoyed it remember to play the prequel and the sequel of this game.

How to play:

LMB - Interact

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  1. Jacqueline says:

    This is fun and annoying, took me a while to finish the damn puzzle 😀

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