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Hapland 3

Hapland 3Hapland 3 is the latest game of the Hapland series, the most addictive and difficult strategy puzzle stick games. The game is very similar its prequels, your main goal is to power the third and last portal. If you succeed it, you will get to declare yourself as the Grand Saviour of the mythical land of Hapland.
As always, you do not get any explicit hints or instructions on how to solve the puzzle, you will have to figure it out on your own. The only things you can count on as a hint are the symbols engraved on the walls. Remember that you can restart the level at anytime, so don't be shy, click on every interactable object and stick figures to see what happens. Timing is also an important factor in this insanely difficult puzzle, it's not just about the order of the interactions.
Completing the quest won't be easy, you need a lot of focus and patience, but the satisfaction of the completed puzzle is worth it. If you feel like you are stuck, remember to click the other objects as well, sometimes the solution may be less obvious.
If you started with Hapland 3, it's highly recommended that you play the first 2 games before this one.

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