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HaplandHapland is a very difficult puzzle strategy game, arm yourself with a lot of patience if you want to finish the game. It's the first game of the series, the other ones are just as difficult and addictive as this one.
The aim of the game is to light the torches and open the big portal, while trying to kill as few people as possible. You will not get any hints or help, if you want to finish the game by yourself you will have to be patient and check each object individually to see what it does and how you can use them to reach the objective. The game is as addictive as it is difficult, the complex puzzles will keep you intrigued and interested, finding the right sequence to interract with the objects will drive you insane but it will also give you a lot of satisfaction when you succeed.
Here's a hint, sometimes you have to click on objects more than once, or it could be all about timing. Check the walls, some useful icons are engraved on them.
If you liked this game, make sure to check its sequels, Hapland 2 and 3.

How to play:

LMB - Interact

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