Stickman Jam: Sticktanic

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Stickman Jam: SticktanicStickman Jam: SticktanicStickman Jam: SticktanicStickman Jam: Sticktanic

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Stickman Jam: Sticktanic

Stickman Jam: SticktanicStickman Jam: Sticktanic is a difficult and interesting flash strategy puzzle game. Like all games in the Stickman Jam series, the hints are scarce, you will have to figure it out on your own how to complete the puzzle.
The only way to find out what each "object" does is to click on them, even though this might lead to an unsolvable puzzle. Don't worry, you can restart the game as many times as you wish, so take your time to check everything and learn how what the right sequence is.
Your goal is to kill every stick figures, without other noticing their deaths. You must cause a series of events that will lead to the death of every stickman in the level. It's very challenging and addictive, and even a bit annoying, but the satisfaction of completing the puzzle and killing all the stickmen is worth it. Also, there is a hidden treasure on the bottom of the ocean, you might need to help those fishermen uncover it.
If you feel like you are stuck and don't know how to proceed, you might cheat and take a look at the walkthrough video below. If you want to complete the game perfectly, you must get all the achievements. Winning is not enough because some of the achievements can only be acquired by failing, so you will have to work even harder to fully complete Sticktanic.
If you enjoyed Sticktanic, you should also play the other games in the Stickman Jam series, Prison and Tribe.

How to play:

LMB - Interact

This game is played by mouse only.

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