Stickman Jam: Tribe

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Stickman Jam: TribeStickman Jam: TribeStickman Jam: TribeStickman Jam: Tribe

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Stickman Jam: Tribe

Stickman Jam: TribeStickman Jam: Tribe is the third and latest game in the most entertaining and challenging strategy puzzle series, Stickman Jam. This time, the action takes place in a tribe of cannibal stickmen that plan to eat each other. Your goal is to kill them all before they eat each other, meaning that Tribe is not only sequence dependant, but also time challenged in order to make things more difficult and entertaining.
Like its prequels, you will not receive any explicit hints or instructions on how to solve the puzzle, you will have to work it out yourself. As hard as it seems, the game awards you for your failed attempts too, some achievements can only be aquired through actions that do not lead to finishing the puzzle, so don't be afraid to fail. Click on everything, learn how objects or stickmen react, you will need to fail many times until you will find the right sequence and timing.
If you cannot solve the quest on your own and there's no point in trying anymore, don't forget to check the Walkthrough video attached below. Yes, this is cheating, but who's going to know?
If you liked Tribe, do not forget to check the other games in the Stickman Jam series, Prison and Sticktanic. They are just as fun, challenging and addictive as this one.

How to play:

LMB – Interact

This game is played by mouse only.

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