Tesla Death Ray

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LMB - Attack your enemies *This game is played by mouse only.
Tesla Death RayTesla Death RayTesla Death RayTesla Death Ray

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Tesla Death Ray

Tesla Death RayTesla Death Ray is a fantastic and entertaining strategy stick game, perfectly combining tower defence elements with upgrades and aiming.
The main goal of the game is to survive for as long as possible throughout the waves, you have to defend your Tesla tower by killing your enemies with a destructing electric Death Ray.
Each wave of enemies is harder to defeat than the previous ones, as well as many of them will bring new types of more enemies, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. To your surprise, there's no documentation on each kind of enemy and you will have to figure out on yourself which enemies are harder to kill and present a bigger risk.
You earn money for each defeated wave and you can spend it on upgrades or for repairing your tower. The way you upgrade your tower will have a big impact upon your success in this game, buying the wrong upgrades at the wrong time might lead to your tower's doom.
Another big factor in this game is aiming, you will have to click right on your enemies to defeat them and missing them will waste a lot of energy. It also depends on where you hit each one of them, they will take varying amounts of damage depending on where you shoot them. Don't forget about the energy bar, even though it regenerates over time it depletes pretty fast, all your missed attacks will still waste energy which is much valuable in this game.
Don't forget to buy the Mini Tesla Coil, it will prove to be of great help especially for weaker but numerous enemies.
Can you defend the Tesa Death Ray Tower to the last wave? Trust us, this is going to be much more difficult than it looks, arm yourself with patience and thank God there's an option to replay the last level or none of us would finish the game.

How to play:

LMB - Attack your enemies

*This game is played by mouse only.

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